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The clientele who go to Istakoza's are incredibly diverse, ranging from Down-to-Earth Park Slope Residents all the way to Dyker Heights, Family Park Goers such as Owls Head Park, Sunset Park and not to mention families, travelers, returning alumni and visitors in the area! Istakoza is for everyone!

When the weather is warm, Istakoza's is the hottest spot in town with one of the best Seating Booths 5th Avenue has to offer. and best place to be at among all New York City, Brooklyn restaurants. There would be no Istakoza's without the culture of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cities worldwide.


No other establishment can beat their appetizers. Homemade hummus, falafels, baba ghanoush, mixed green salads are made by chefs in-house daily. You can taste the freshness. Or maybe you didn’t come for Mediterranean food, and you want some Cheese fries! Don’t worry, Istakoza's has got you covered. Appetizers are for sharing, or saving some to bring home with you! Take out, or delivery is an option, but then you’ll miss out on the beautiful Brooklyn Bay Ridge ambiance.

Istakoza has the authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine and freshest ingredients of all the New York City Restaurants. It’s the perfect place for business lunches or meeting up with friends. Also doubles as an intimate date setting. Big Parties should make reservations to ensure that the host can accommodate them swiftly and smoothly. They do private events as well and have a catering menu with a wide assortment of items to choose from!

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Unlike, other places in town their food doesn’t come frozen or in giant buckets. It’s not a cuisine you can pop in the microwave. Our Charcoal BBQ Specialty Entrees are Cooked to Perfection in a world of increasingly fast-paced food, Istakoza's is a place where you can sit down and savor your meal, but more importantly thoroughly enjoy your company and surroundings as well.

Service is always friendly and on point. The staff mainly consists of smiling, hardworking people who are ready with recommendations or able to answer any questions about the menu! Servers will take good care of you and do their best always to meet your requests.